The Pre-IDF Preparatory Academy in Bet El

Scholarships that Strengthen the IDF

The Adopt-A-Soldier Matching Program

The Adopt-A-Soldier Matching Program

Best Bang for your Buck - Why?

  1. Matching Funds - Your donation is immediately doubled, as the IDF, Defense Ministry and private funders have agreed to match your donation to cover the costs of the program for these underprivileged youth.
  2. Strengthening the IDF from Within. Instead of enlisting to menial labor jobs (i.e. mechanics, cooks and office work) our graduates volunteer for top combat units and serve with willingness to sacrifice.
  3. Increased Jewish Identity - Students at the academy are introduced to Judaism by choice, and through a gradual process, come to embrace and take pride in their Jewish heritage.
  4. Save Israel $100,000’s - Literally! Instead of continuing in their family tradition of living on welfare, our cadets transform their lives to become a self-sustaining part of Israeli society - a savings of $100,000’s in would-be welfare payments.

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To arrange for a special dedication of a unit (3) soldiers
or a platoon (10 soldiers),

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Partner with the IDF and fund a soldier at our academy.