The Pre-IDF Preparatory Academy in Bet El

strengthens the IDF from within

by providing soldiers from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds
a vital year of intensive training prior to their three-year service.
By focusing on character-building and Jewish identity, each student is guided towards
a belief in his own future and commitment to serve the Jewish Nation.

When the IDF Unit-Assignment Commanders realized

that our cadets who came from dysfunctional homes
were enlisting into combat units,
they contacted us to ask, “How do you do it? What’s your secret?”

The IDF told us that they closely track graduates from every high school.  They explained to us that other cadets from the same neighborhoods enlisted into menial labor jobs and are often entangled in disciplinary problems throughout their service.
They visited Bet El to see how the students undergo this sudden turn-around in their lives.

Here’s Our Technique

The staff of the Bet El IDF Prep Academy truly accepts each student as he is without judgment or criticism and provides him with encouragement, motivation and the necessary tools to achieve (emotionally, physically and spiritually).  Based on this framework our students decide to build on their accomplishments and reach their potential which is verified by their performance and witnessed by the IDF Unit-Assignment Commanders.